An Cat Dubh Sanctuary

An Cat Dubh Sanctuary

Clounlaheen East, Mullagh, Ennis,Clare,Ireland

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Nine years ago, Rhona Lucas - the founder of An Cat Dubh - became concerned about the large number of feral cats in her local area, many of whom were clearly unwell. At the same time Rhona started receiving unwanted cats. Over many months a number of  feral cats were caught and neutered, with some remaining in the vicinity following neutering. Many eventually became resident at Rhona’s house. Cats tested positive for F.I.V. (Feline Immune Virus) but who were healthy, were kept, and it is hoped that many will outlive their condition. Sadly some cats were very sick and were humanely put to sleep. They are buried here in the garden of Rhona’s house - which has now become An Cat Dubh cat sanctuary.

As well as cats, there are five dogs (including two with three legs), three donkeys, and numerous ducks, hens and fish resident at An Cat Dubh and most (but not all!) live harmoniously together, Rhona is assisted by John Roberts who is responsible for fundraising for the sanctuary and she welcomes volunteers who can make a regular commitment to assisting in the care of the animals, or to fundraising. Cats resident at An Cat Dubh now number nearly 100. Trapping and neutering of feral cats is ongoing.



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