Donegal Dog Pound

Donegal Dog Pound

Glencar Scotch,Donegal,Ireland

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Open every day (except Sundays and Bank Holidays) from 10:30am to 1:30pm.
A dog can bring great pleasure and enjoyment to its owner. If you are looking for a new dog, why not contact the dog shelter and see if you can give one of our dogs a new home? Before rehoming a dog, please consider the following:
Are you and your family prepared for the commitment of dog ownership? Will you have time to look after a dog properly? Can you afford the ongoing expenses of dog ownership?
A fee of €40.00 is charged for each dog rehomed from the Dog Shelter: €20.00 of this fee covers the dog licence fee for the first year and €20.00, which is refundable if the dog is neutered within 6 months of being rehomed.
We regularly share posts of dogs available for rehoming from the dog shelter on our Facebook Page.