We transport dogs in need. You may not be able to adopt or foster but you can help save a life!

If you would like to help transporting animals from pounds to rescues or rescues to their new homes click here to complete the Transporter Information form. 


Get in touch with Ferry Dogmothers on facebook 

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(*Please note: facebook page is monitored more closely than email account) 

Guidelines for Transport Requests

When asking us to put a post to help with transport, would people please: 

1. be sure it is needed;

2. let us know where from (town + county) and where to (town + county);

3. send contact details eg. mobile number for whoever has the dog(s) and for whoever is taking delivery;

4. if the dog is going to a foster carer, confirm they have been 'home checked';

5. if the dog is going from rescue to a forever home, confirm it has been 'home checked';

6. if a dog is being taken into rescue, ensure the rescue need and want transport help;

7. send photo of the dog(s) - if possible;  

8. give any date/time restrictions;

9. keep an eye on the page to see if/when someone comes forward to offer help;

10. keep an eye on your own in-box to check forwarded messages from our Admins. 

Arranging transport is very time consuming and, if we have all these details in advance of putting up a post, it makes it much more efficient :) 
Many thanks! 

Sue and the FDM Team