Useful Information

 l-r Kizzy(foster dog) and Cindy, Lady and Paddie owned by Julie

Contrary to people’s initial ideas about greyhounds and lurchers they make fantastic pets!



They are very affectionate, mellow dogs who are never happier than in the company of people. They can often be quite lazy, and if given a choice would spend their days snoozing somewhere warm in the house. Although very affectionate they are not demanding or slobbery. They rarely lick, but tend to poke their noses at you instead.


Temperaments range from sensitive to very outgoing, but always sensible, happy, sweet and affectionate. They are great with children and enjoy the company of other dogs and would be an asset in any family.


A big benefit of them is that they are clean with very little dog odour. Greyhounds coats tend to be short and fine with usually only a single layer (which means no undercoat), this means they need little grooming.


Because they have such little body fat, greyhounds can’t tolerate hard surfaces or extremes of hot and cold. They will need a coat in winter due to their low body fat. They will prefer a comfy sleeping area, your couch will do nicely, and are strictly a House pet, not an outdoor one.  In fact they are notorious for their reluctance to go out in the rain!


Mabel adopted by Majella from Cara Rescue
Mabel adopted by Majella from Cara Rescue

They are clever, independent dogs, which means they can quickly figure out how to open gates, bins and get into places that they shouldn’t be!


They rarely bark excessively, and given their lazy disposition won’t bother to bark unless for a good reason. One of the biggest myths is that they need large amounts of exercise, this is simply untrue. They need no more exercise than any other dog. All dogs regardless of breed, should be walked or exercised and allowed off the lead at least twice a day. Once let off a lead, they tend to tire themselves out very quickly as they love to run and chase.


Contrary to what you might believe, once greyhounds are retired, they don’t actually need a fancy training diet. Ordinary dry complete dog food is more than adequate. A note of warning, however! Greyhounds & Lurchers can tend on the greedy side and are masters at persuading their unwitting owners into liberal treat-giving :-)


Information taken from DSPCA