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Lost and found pets Ireland

Thanks to Lors lost dog facebook page for the following information.


Romeo (before Dec 2012 when he was found Straying) and Romeo Summer 2013 after being rehome to Laura
Romeo (before Dec 2012 when he was found Straying) and Romeo Summer 2013 after being rehome to Laura

Please encourage owners to microchip, neuter and tag their pets. Microchipping is now compulsory by law for dogs! It’s only a microchip/tag between your dog being found or impounded, at the risk of you never seeing them again. Remember the pounds are under tremendous pressure to make room for new stray dogs arriving every day. Some pound staff will work alongside rescues to rehome what dogs they can. Your dog becomes their property after five days and can be rehomed or sent to rescue. You will not have the right to know where that dog has gone or been rehomed to. So please microchip your dog and most importantly register your microchip and ensure both yours and your dog’s details are up to date. Always change the address if you move or update your phone number if you change it.

What to do if you have Found a pet

Firstly thank you for helping this dog to find its owner. Most importantly do not return this dog to anyone who can’t prove ownership. The dog will more than likely recognise their owner. Check dog for collar and tag. Check the inside of any collar for written number on the inside if the dog is comfortable with you doing that.

Knock on some people’s doors in the area where you found the dog, people may recognise the dog and point you in the right direction.

Try getting the dog to a vet to scan for microchip, also contact guards, and local rescues to inform them of the dog’s details and post details on the lost and found sites and check these sites for missing post. Please keep the dog safe and get advice from your local rescue if you are not sure what to do. Please give the dog food, water and shelter. Do not let the dog back out to wander in case it gets injured or killed.

Please contact dog wardens, pounds and local vets to ask if the dog has been reported missing. Maybe put the dog on a lead and wander round the area where you found it, someone might recognise the dog, and ask along the way if people know the dog.
Post a picture and your details on the following sites. They are free but do feel free to make a small donation.


Also try putting a poster around the area where you found the dog: shops, churches, vets, schools etc. Keep any distinctive markings to yourself and what colouring the dog has on its collar, or what type of collar the dog is wearing. This will ensure that anyone claiming the dog is theirs really is the dog’s owner. Most importantly ask for proof of ownership (ask for photo proof that the dog is theirs, or dog licence), ask the dog’s name to see if the dog reacts, ask for description of markings etc. when handing the dog back to owner, ask them for their phone number and address and retain this just in case you have been misled there is a risk of dishonest people trying to claim the dog as theirs for breeding purposes or to sell the dog on for profit so be careful.

Post the dog’s pic and details on various Facebook dog rescue pages. If you can’t keep the dog long term, get in touch with local rescues and ask them to try help. If owner is found, please stress the importance of micro chipping and collar and tag.
The law states the following- from Irish control of dogs act 1986 section 13.
(1) Any person, other than a dog warden or a member of the Garda Síochána, who finds and takes possession of a stray dog shall, forthwith
( a ) return the dog to its owner
( b ) deliver the dog to a dog warden
( c ) detain the dog and give notice in writing containing a description of the dog, the address of the place where it was found, and the address of the place where it is detained to the member in charge at the nearest Garda station to the place where the dog was found, or to a dog warden.

If you take the dog in you can keep it for 28 days without a licence, then the animal must be licenced and if you decide to keep/rehome the dog, ownership of the dog is not yours until a year and a day have passed. This does not apply to dogs adopted/rescued from pounds, only those taken in as strays


What to do if you have Lost a pet

Ring local guards, local vets and animal rescues in your location to report your dog missing, give a detailed description colouring, if neutered, sex, distinctive markings. Also your contact numbers etc. Give them a poster with a picture of your dog.
Ring pounds/dog warden in your area immediately. Place add on missing dog sites posted below, most are free but a donation can be made if you choose.


Also post add on Gum Tree and Done Check these sites daily in case your dog is posted as found.

Do not mention your dog’s name on the lost pet sites or the poster. Some suggest if you post your dog’s name, and your dog has been stolen these people would have an advantage to get your dog to cooperate. And do leave your number so you can be contacted.

UK sites are as follows if you think your dog is stolen

Be aware/prepared there could be hoax calls from people who have nothing better to do. But there are people who really want to help so they may let you know of numerous dogs found. So do try checking these postings to confirm whether or not they are your dog. Do not answer questions from anyone asking too many questions about your dog and who you feel is not genuine.

Place posters in your area or where the dog has gone missing, put them in shops, bus stops, train station, luas stop, schools, churches, library etc.

Talk to kids in the area, they may have seen your dog.

Talk to local taxi firm, ask them to put place poster in their office, maybe put out an alert to drivers.

Also email/phone ISPCA/DSPCA with your dog’s details, or any SPCA or rescue in your area.

Post your dog’s picture and details on various animal rescue/dog related Facebook pages also local business pages for your area.

Search the area where your dog has gone missing, pay careful attention to any areas your dog may have got trapped by accident. Bring any other dogs in the household to see if they pick up a scent. They will smell your dog way before you can see it and may well lead you to them. Or your other dogs may leave scent so your lost dog may pick it up. Put posters up along the way. If in a rural area, talk to farmers, give them your contact details and get them to ring you immediately so you can retrieve your dog (farmers have the right to protect their livestock from straying dogs).Please keep in contact daily with the dog pounds Talk to people in your area or where your dog went missing Check your local shops /garages to see if someone has put up a notice saying they have found a dog or cat matching the description of your pet.

Go back to the area your dog was last seen, bring squeaky toys if your dog would recognise them, some dogs return to the last place they were with their owner, search the area a few times. Call your dog’s name. They will hear you if they are near, they could just be scared and lying low.

Other things you can do

Is your dog micro chipped? If he/she is please find the chip number and ensure it is registered. If not, register your dog’s details and your contact details immediately. Also purchase a dog licence, if you haven’t got one already, the new licences have room now to detail a full description of your dog and your details. You can use this for proof of ownership also.

Ring local radio (only some local radio will help). Place an ad in the local paper (this can be expensive but worthwhile). Check Gum Tree or and Done Deal daily! (If your dog is stolen, they may try to be sold on line).

As a last resort, contact the local county council /motorway maintenance for your area as they remove dead animals from the roads if your dog was involved in a car accident, someone may have reported a dog to the council.

When you find your pet

If your pet is found or returns home please remember to contact all the people you have told about your lost pet so they know your pet has been returned.

If your pet is found please microchip them if not already done so, register your microchip and ensure a collar with your phone number is attached. Also take precautions to ensure your dog can’t go missing again and keep up to date photos of your dog.

Finally, if your dog is found safely, please consider a small donation to your local dog rescue to help the
dogs who weren’t lucky enough to make it back to their home.