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Clare County Pound had the highest rate of Greyhounds put to sleep in 2013. Statistics from the Dept. of environment show 183 entered the pound and 177 were put to sleep (please see for the document) This is an utter tragedy, these dogs were not given the chance to find a loving home after serving their time in the Greyhound racing industry.

However, we have hope for change. Our mission is to work closely with the Dog warden and staff at the pound and to help as many of these hounds as possible to find the loving homes they deserve. To do this we will be relying on the assistance of Greyhound rescues here in Ireland, in the UK and also on the Continent, who already do tremendous work for hounds. with their experience we hope we can make a difference.


*map locations are a guide. please contact them directly for directions

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Clare, Ireland

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