This website was created to try to make it as easy as possible for people to adopt animals and not buy from online classifieds. A few years ago I started volunteering with a local rescue. I would visit there when I could to walk dogs and got involved with their events. I then moved, which meant it was now over a three hour round trip to the rescue so I couldn't get out there too often. I tried to search online to find other rescues near me that I could go to but it was hard to find the information.

After seeing so many neglected and scared dogs from pounds in the rescue I wanted to keep doing something to help even if I couldn't physically help walk and care for the dogs in the kennels. I have heard people say they wouldn't adopt a pound dog as it is dangerous or damaged but this couldn't be further from the truth. So that is when I decided on the idea for the website. I wanted to make a directory so that people could find the contact information for rescues much easier and also to show that the only problem with a pound dog is that it has been badly let down by its previous owner. 

It took some time to gather all the information on the rescues and I am sure there are many more to be added. If you know of one I have missed please let me know. But I do hope my time has been well spent and that people can get adopting and get involved with their local rescues a lot easier now. 

It can be hard sometimes to come home after a long day of staring at a computer screen to do work on the website but it is definitely worth the effort. 

So if you are reading this and thinking of getting a pet please adopt and don't buy. 



My rescue pets

Another big reason for the website are my own rescue pets. They are all lucky to have a good home now but there are many others out there just like them who need saving. 

Seymour was one of my first pets. He was a puppy farmed dog and suffered badly his whole life because of this. He is the main reason I ever got involved with animal rescues. I hope to do my best to prevent any other dogs suffering like he did due to peoples greed. You can read more about Seymour here.

Dexter (black and white) was found in mayo when he was a 12 week old kitten four years ago. He is like thousands more born every year and left to fend for themselves. Thankfully he was picked up by us and has had a happy home ever since.

Fredrick (ginger and white) was found outside my house. His hair was so badly matted it had started to literally pull out and he had many bald patches. He had to be fully shaved. He had a bit of a cold and had been surviving on food from our bins. We call him a cat dog as he follows us around the house wagging his tail. He obviously was once someones pet but because he wasn't neutered or microchipped he wandered and got in the terrible state he was in.

Rita Rabbit was found in a garden in Galway. Her owners left her behind when they moved, not a nice thing to do to a rabbit that was 6 years old! Thankfully someone called MADRA and they were able to take her in. We have her over a year now and she is still going strong.

Pebbles is my parents dog. I got him from the GSPCA and brought him on the long trip to Kilkenny. He was picked up by the GSPCA a few days before at around 12 weeks old. Unfortunately, even though he got his vaccinations as soon as they found him it was too late. He had parvo virus. Within two days of us having him in was in the vets on a drip and a high chance he wasn't going to make it. Thankfully he was lucky and had gotten to the vets in time. If the GSPCA had not taken him in when they did he would not be alive today.

The Feral Cats - We have a small colony of feral cats living at my parents house. It took a year or two (and a few litters of kittens) but we eventually got them all spayed. They have been living happy and healthy there ever since. We have four cats remaining there now, Molly and Friendly White Socks are pictured below. And we have Not-Friendly White Socks and Byrnsey also. We are very inventive with the names :) Molly is the old cat who has nerve damage to her face after a fight with a tom cat but she is in good health. We have no idea of her age. She is the oldest and the mother or grandmother to all the others we have had. They have been living at the house since 2006 and hopefully will be there for a good few years more.