Private Rehoming

Create an Advert for your Pet

Our advert area is currently closed. We recommend

Give as much detail as you can on your pet. Don't leave out any information that will be important for the potential adopter.

All dogs, cats and rabbits should be spayed or neutered before being advertised for rehoming. 

All dogs legally must be microchipped and it is strongly recommended that this is also done for cats.

Review Applications

Finding a new home for your pet will take time and can be a tough decision. Potential adopters will contact you directly by your preferred method of contact. While it may not always be possible, please try to respond to all inquiries, even if it is to advise the potential adopter that their home would be unsuitable.

We have included an adoption questionnaire in our documents section which you can ask potential adopters to complete or to use as a guide of the questions you should ask.

Screening guidance is also included in our documents section to help you screen potential adopters.

Meet Adopters

After you screen the application, it’s time to meet the potential adopter! Remember these are strangers from the internet so take the standard safety precautions when meeting people from online to ensure you conduct a safe and effective meeting. Bring someone with you if possible. 

You get to choose where your pet goes. It is OK to refuse a potential applicant if you feel the home would be unsuitable. You know what will suit their needs best. 

It is best to bring a list of questions to the meeting and write down any information when you there. A home check form is also included in our documents section to guide you. 

Finalise Adoption

Download an adoption agreement template that you and your adopter can sign. A sample is available in our documents section.

You’ll even be able to specify what you want to happen if the adoption doesn’t work out. If you want the pet returned to you or you want the adopter to find a new home for the pet.

Be sure to give the adopter medical or microchip records required for your pet. 

Finally, the adopter should pass on the donation to an animal rescue in which ever way you both have agreed on. We don't allow animals to be sold through our website but we also strongly recommend against giving an animal away for free. A donation to a rescue stops this and also gives valuable help to rescues in need in your area. 


Download our guide here: Pet Rehoming - Finding the right solution for you and your pet.