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We aim to highlight the plight of dogs in danger of being euthanised in Irish pounds and promote the rehoming of pound dogs. We currently mainly take dogs from Waterford City & County dog pound. Because we have no premises of our own, unless we have a suitable foster home, we cannot take a dog out of the pound into our care. We often reach out to other reputable rescues to help or to the general public to adopt dogs directly from the pound. We are also heavily dependent on donations from the public to help dogs, especially with medical bills, as some dogs come into the pound in a poor state.




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About Rescue Animals Ireland

Rescue Animals Ireland aims to provide valuable resources and educational materials on responsible pet ownership, animal welfare, and the benefits of adopting from shelters. It also aims to raise awareness about the importance of adopting rather than buying pets, emphasizing the positive impact it has on both animals and their new owners.