I get a lot of e-mails from all types of Rescue Animals Ireland users on a daily basis. Please keep in mind that I may not always be able to respond to every message I receive. If you have specific questions about your pet, I encourage you to search the articles on this site as many of your questions have likely already been answered!

Please be aware that although I’ve been involved in the pet ownership world for quite a while now and am well aware of the common issues facing pet owners, I am not a veterinarian. I have had no training in the veterinarian field and you should consult with a qualified veterinarian if you have questions or problems that could affect the health of your pet.


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For adoption or rehoming of animals please contact rescues directly.

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My name is Maureen Ryan and I want to share everything I know about rescue animals to help you take better care of yours! I grew up raising rabbits, cats and dogs and have learned a lot over the years. I have also spend many years volunteering for my local rescues. Hopefully, my articles are helpful and as you read them you'll learn a little more about rescue pets.