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Grovehill Animal Trust


We are an animal shelter based near Omagh in County Tyrone, N Ireland.

We are committed to:

  • The rescuing and rehoming of abandoned or unwanted cats and dogs
  • The rehabilitation of abused and neglected animals
  • The education of the public in animal welfare
  • The promotion of neutering and spaying of animals
  • The campaigning for changes in legislation to protect companion animals

Grovehill is entirely self funded and is run by a dedicated group of volunteers and staff. All money raised for Grovehill goes towards feeding and caring for the animals, which also includes hefty veterinary bills for those that have been mistreated or have become ill.

Every penny that you can give to Grovehill will go directly to helping these pets and saving the lives of more defenceless animals.

Together, we are giving homeless animals a future.

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33 Aghnaglea Road, Sixmilecross, Tyrone BT79 9NP, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

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