The KWWSPCA was founded in 1940 (initially as the Kildare SPCA) to help prevent and deal with cases of animal cruelty. Run solely by volunteers, the Society is devoted to the rescue, care and re-homing of animals throughout Kildare and West Wicklow. The KWWSPCA has no paid employees and is solely run by volunteers.

The KWWSPCA does the following work in animal rescue and rehoming in Kildare and West Wicklow:

  • Investigates cases of animal cruelty in Kildare and West Wicklow – find out how to report animal cruelty.
  • Operates an animal shelter in Athgarvan, County Kildare.
  • Maintains a network of foster homes for animals requiring foster care.
  • Works with the Kildare Dog Warden to advertise and rehome dogs in the care of the warden service and takes dogs out of the Kildare Pound, once they have done their statutory 5 days there, and finds them new homes.
  • Works with Hundar Utan Hem to rehome Irish dogs to families in Sweden – click here to learn how we started working with this charity and successful rehoming of our dogs to Sweden.
  • Advertises lost and found animals on our Facebook page to reunite lost pets with their owners.
Animal Rescue
Registered Charity Number:
CHY 6280


Oldtown, Athgarvan, Kildare W12 EV60, Ireland

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