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Last Hope endorse TNR (trap, neuter, return) a method of controlling feral cat population growth. TNR is a method through which free-roaming unowned domestic cats are humanely trapped, neutered and returned to the outdoor location where they were found. TNR is endorsed as being the most humane, effective and financially sustainable strategy to control cat over population. Last Hope endorses community based TNR programmes with ongoing responsible aftercare as the most viable long-term approach available to reduce feral cat overpopulation.

We believe the spay aware neuter programme benefits the greater cat community and also the local community as the nuisance behaviour associated with feral cats is dramatically reduced upon neutering (fighting, yowling, spraying) and it relievies female cats of the constrant stress of mating and pregnancy. The returned colony also guard their territory preventing unneutered cats from moving in and beginning the cycle of overpopulation. The cats continue to provide natural rodent control.

The Last Hope Animal Charity believes that our spay aware campaign creates opportunities for outreach, education and co-operation in the community.

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