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National Exotic Animal Sanctuary


NEAS is providing a solution for the growing number of unwanted and neglected exotic animals needing permanent expert care and specialised accommodation: 


Exotic birds: parrots (macaws, cockatoos, parakeets) emus 


Exotic mammals: chinchillas, marmosets, monkeys, raccoons, wolves, degus and all non-native species 


Reptiles and amphibians: lizards, turtles (terrapins, tortoises) snakes and invertebrates 


NEAS is caring for injured native birds, mammals (bats, foxes, deer) and amphibians at our Wildlife Hospital. 


NEAS is rescuing horses that have been abandoned, mistreated or their owners can no longer afford to keep them. 


The largest facility in Meath for equines, goats and small mammals.


Charity No. CHY 19373




*map locations are a guide. please contact them directly for directions

Reptile and Exotic Pets


Ballivor, Meath, Ireland

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