Rainbow Rehoming Centre

4G Ballygudden Road, Derry, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

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The Rainbow Rehoming Centre was first established in 1997, in a response to the desperate need to find homes for the hundreds of abandoned and unwanted cats and dogs that were found in Derry and the North West area every year. The Rainbow Centre has continued over the years to care for these animals, give them shelter, provide veterinary treatment and find them loving homes.

The Rainbow centre can accommodate up to 20 dogs and a cattery which holds up to 30 cats, we also have 16 individual spaces for kittens & convalescing cats.

The centre is run by a team of experienced and dedicated animal lovers. We have 6 part time staff and 10 volunteers with a number of valued dog walkers. Such people keep the centre running and help us to continue to rescue abandoned and stray cats and dogs.


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4G Ballygudden Road, Derry, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

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