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Solutions for cats scratching indoors

The following is based on my sisters issue with her cat Marvin. 
Marvin is a funny cat who doesn't like to be picked up but does want to be with his owner at all times! This was causing a problem if he was placed in a room away from his owner, especially at night, as he would scratch at the doors and howl to be left out. 
Here is what worked for them to help with the issues - and also what you can try but didn't work for them. but worked for others. 

Problem: Scratching at and damaging the door/door frame if left in a room. Generally making a lot of noise, keeping owners awake and possibly the neighbour too!


Solutions tried

1 - Allowed access to the bed room at night. 

The hope was that when he was allowed access to his owners at night he would relax and go asleep. 
This may work for your cat but did not work for Marvin. Their other cat Moonie would go asleep on the bed without issues. Marvin still wanted attention so they moved to step 2. 

2 - Setting up a cat room

They have a utility room that they could set up as a room for the cats with enough room for beds, cat tree and litter trays. 
Initially all the changed here was that Marvin was scratching and damaging a different door!
They set up a door protector - like the ones found on amazon here and here.
So finally one problem was solved. Marvin still scratched but the door was no longer being destroyed. 

3 - Blocking access to upstairs

Hopefully your cat won't be as determined as Marvin and one of the first two steps will work. Unfortunately Marvin was a difficult case. 
He would meow loudly at night when in the utility room to get attention. This is annoying enough for the owners but they weren't happy to be possibly annoying their neighbour too. 
The third solution was to let them roam the house at night but not have access to the upstairs so he would have no door to scratch at. 
They did this by purchasing sssCat spray deterrent that uses a motion detector. They placed it the top of the stairs. When the cat gets near it a short burst of unscented spray is released. 
It is working brilliantly. They also added a barrier at the top of the stairs to stop the cat attempting to run past the spray but they think a spray at both sides might work better. Marvin has never made it past the spray but their other cat Moonie seems to be a bit smarter. 

Other things that were used 

Feliway spray 
This came recommended from a few cat owners to help reduce stress related issues for cats. Feliway is an artificial version of the feline facial pheromone. 
This spray is recommended for various changes that might cause stress in a cat - moving house, new baby, new pet etc. 
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