Sea Turtle Rescue and Reporting Ireland

Oceanworld, Dingle, Kerry, Ireland

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Dedicated to establishing a network to help report and rescue alive, injured, sick or dead sea turtles around Ireland. It aims to provide advice and facilitate rescue. It also aims to ensure all sighting reports reach the appropriate channels so that we may help these beautiful and endangered animals. Six of the of the seven species of sea turtle cannot survive in our water temperatures for very long but often get blown to our coast by storms and currents. So any turtle found on the beach needs immediate care and this page aims to help people report and find someone to help rescue as quickly as possible.

As they are so endangered any sighting of a sea turtle in our waters can be a great help to scientists so alive, injured or (unfortunately) dead we would like to hear so that the information can be put to best use. Please share this community page so that it can have as wide a reach as possible!


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Oceanworld, Dingle, Kerry, Ireland

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